Please be sure to always grab a calendar each month when you are in the office for allergy injections. You can also check the shot schedules on our website under the appropriate office location “Shot Hours” link.

The hours for injections are usually different than the “Office Hours”. As you are aware, allergy shot patients are required to wait 30 minutes in the office after they receive an injection in the event you should have an anaphylactic reaction, we are able to treat you while you are in the office. Most reactions occur within 30 minutes of receiving an injection. (Not always!! Please refer to our consent for allergy injections that was given to you at your first allergy shot appointment for more information.)

The schedule is pretty consistent; however, we do need to make changes to the schedules occasionally. If there is ever a last minute change, the change will be posted on our Facebook page, our website, as well as on the door of the office. While we try to plan ahead, there are circumstances beyond our control where we may need to adjust the shot hours without notice. For example, inclement weather, power outage, family emergencies, etc. We appreciate your patience and understanding when these circumstances arise. You are always welcome to call the office if you have any concern that the office may be closed.